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Perfect White Lilies
Price: $105.00
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Item #: TF24-1 -

These gorgeous white lilies are so classically elegant, they��_��__re sure to turn any occasion into an idyllic one. Perfect for special days or every day. White lilies with eucalyptus arrive in a stylish clear glass vase.

Rosy Romance
Price: $80.00
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Item #: TF38-2 -

This centerpiece, with its beautiful blend of roses, will make a special dinner even more romantic. Orange, red and pink roses with a touch of chartreuse button chrysanthemums delivered in a round black dish.

Shades of Green
Price: $165.00
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Item #: TF147-3 -

The lovely combination of green cymbidium orchids and fresh fruits, makes this arrangement both lovely and subdued. The perfect complement to any room or office. Chinaberries, chrysanthemums, hypericum and orchids, along with limes, artichokes and figs, arrive in a matching vase.

Silver Mint Julep Bouquet
Price: $60.00
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Item #: TF120-1 -

Celebrating an anniversary? Feeling romantic? This impressive bouquet in a stunning silver keepsake vase will show how much they mean to you. Roses, viburnum and hypericum are delivered in Teleflora��_��__s mint julep cup.

Stylish Reflections
Price: $80.00
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Item #: TF19-3 -

With its parallel design, the lovely flowers reflect upon one another. This contemporary look is a perfect match for that stylish, special someone. Sunflowers, delphinium, gerberas, daisies and roses lavishly arranged in a dark wicker basket.

Stylish Stock
Price: $45.00
Availability: In Stock
Item #: TF24-3 -

With its wonderful white color and hint of fragrance, this stylish stock will make everyday occasions and celebrations even more memorable. White stock with seeded eucalyptus arrive in a clear glass vase.

Summer Garden Festival
Price: $80.00
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Item #: TF70-2 -

This joyful basket simply bursts with bright bedding plants and long-lasting green plants. Send it and the summer merriments will really last. Marigolds, lilies, dianthus, verbena, geraniums, along with ivy and dieffenbachia, are delivered in a wicker basket with handle.

Summer Garden Planter
Price: $40.00
Availability: In Stock
Item #: TF70-3 -

This delightful planter bustles with lovely flowers and long-lasting garden plants. With so much to offer, it��_��__ll make the days of summer brighter. Cosmos and impatiens, along with geraniums and ivy, arrive in a round ceramic dish.

Summertime Sensation Basket
Price: $120.00
Availability: In Stock
Item #: TF65-1 -

There��_��__s nothing like a bright summer day. And there��_��__s nothing like receiving a colorful basket of summer flowers that will make any day brighter. Asters, chrysanthemums, cosmos and dahlias arrive in a wicker basket.

Sunshine and Smiles
Price: $80.00
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Item #: TF5-3 -

Someone special makes your days a little sunnier? Tell them so with this dazzling arrangement of joyous flowers. Asters, spray roses, gerberas, snapdragons and larkspur arrive in an attractive glass vase.

Sweet Reminder
Price: $30.00
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Item #: TF18-1 -

These exceptionally lovely red, yellow and blue flowers will show someone special just how much they mean to you, whether they��_��__re a man or a woman. Carnations, gerberas, iris and chrysanthemums arrive in a tasteful vase.

The French Countryside
Price: $60.00
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Item #: TF14-1 -

As if they were freshly picked along a country road, these lovely flowers are naturally arranged inside an old-fashioned tin pail. Mixed types of asters, bupleurum and soft foliages arrive in a galvanized country pail.