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    Capricorn: The Zodiacal Sign of Capricorn from December 28th to January 20th. These people are usually ambitious and the lives of those born under this sign are marked by a purposeful pursuit of their destiny. People born in January are usually mentally strong, but they are, as a rule, generally misunderstood by other people. They are thinkers, reasoners, and usually successful in business or any form of government work. Capricorn is a pushy Cardinal Earth sign ruled by Saturn, the planet of adversity.

    They are, as a rule, very independent and high-minded in all they do and detest being under the restraint of others. They must be leaders in whatever they are engaged, or else they are inclined to lose their interest in what they do. These people, as a rule, are serious individuals, beneath their reserve, there are a sensitive and sympathetic person and anyone who needs a strong shoulder to lean on needn't look further than the Capricorn. One of their more striking characteristics is their subtle sense of humor.

    BIRTH FLOWER: Carnation

    This arrangement will be made in an 8" vase. To include the birth flower carnations and a woodsy earth theme.